Pet Portraits

Pamper Your Pooch!

Your precious pooch is the star of the day with their own personal photo-shoot! This can be in your home, your garden or out on your favourite walk, or a combination. The session lasts up to 2 hours. Jane is a huge dog-lover and will capture those special looks and characteristics of your dog during the session.

Handsome Horse!
Majestic, mischievious, moody, playful....whatever word describes your horse or pony, you probably know he should be in pictures....!
A photoshoot with a horse can take many forms - from photographs of him grazing, in his stable, being groomed, being ridden, up close and personal, but whatever form you chose you can be assured of a fantastic photographic keepsake of your beautiful, gentle giant. Photoshoot will last up to 2 hours.

Fluffy Lap-Monster
OK, so your cat may not be a monster, but I bet s/he loves relaxing on your lap - when they feel like it of course, not when you feel like it...but that's cats for you...independent, aloof, funny. Capture your cat's unique personality with a photoshoot in your own home...if they will oblige, Jane can capture every little sideways glance!
The shoot lasts up to 2 hours.

All Shoots
Your photographs will be uploaded into DropBox for you to browse and select your favourite to be printed on high grade museum-quality archive paper as an 8 x 6 inch print, providing a beautiful and treasured memento of this special member of your family.

All shoots cost £50.00 including one 8 x 6 inch print on museum quality paper.

Additional prints, canvases, prints on acrylic and framed prints and photo books are also available.

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