About The Picture House and Jane Thorpe Photography

At The Picture House we pride ourselves on our personal touch, exceptional customer service and of course stunning photography!

The Picture House has recently evolved from Jane Thorpe Photography.

Because of the specialist nature of the photography undertaken, I felt that a name to refect what we do would be more appropriate. It is an exciting time and we look forward to photographing many more beautiful homes.

Whilst I still undertake the majority of the photography, there will be times when other photographers will be used. Rest assured however, that all the photographers I use have expertise in property photography, and have undergone a rigourous selection process, make no mistake your images will be exceptional.

A little bit me...

Always a keen 'snapper' I never thought that I could actually become a photographer. My brother - a professional photographer - had given me cameras and gamely tried to teach me, and I did learn a lot from his vast experience, but I never thought of it as a career until relatively late.

I enrolled at college to do photography before digital took over, and not only learnt the technicalities of photography but of developing and printing too. Along with my college qualification I have also graduated from the Photography Institute with a Diploma in Professional Photography. I am passionate about property and photography so to combine the two, well, it's my dream job!

Property and interiors have always been a passion of mine - and I do mean always....even as a very young child I remember sketching floor plans of my dream homes! And, if I'm honest, I still do!

I have worked as an interior designer and have a strong aesthetic sense which is an essential quality for an interiors photographer, as it helps to visualise the best way to present and photograph a room.

I rarely go anywhere without my camera, and love to create images which could be framed and put on a wall!

When not photographing I am busy being a mum; and I can often be found looking at run down French property on the internet, planning the interiors for the day one of them will be mine!

To me, professional photography is an investment, not an expense and I firmly believe that your viewing rate will increase once you improve the images you display.