Are you a small online business?

22nd June 2017
If you are, the chances are you need to be noticed and one of the best ways of standing out from the crowd on platforms like Ebay and Amazon is to make sure your photographs are exceptional.

If you have tried to take some product photographs yourself, you might be wondering how the heck you can get the good, clean, sharp and shadow-free images you see in professionally shot photographs. Food photography is especially difficult to obtain good results on Auto, and you end up with muddy-looking, un-appetizing shots. And if you're not particularly creative you might be in a dead end trying to come up with ideas of how to present your goods.

If you aren't selling the numbers you need, then your money-saving home photography is actually very expensive, after all you will have had to spend quite a bit on buying your products, and you need someone to buy them.

Nowadays, it is easy to think that you can do your own photographs, especially if you buy a good digital camera. However, you will more than likely be using your camera on Auto settings the whole time, maybe adding a bit of on-camera flash if a bit more light is needed.

But an Auto setting sees the whole scene and takes an average reading in order to come up with an exposure. Very often you will obtain a decent result, but, especially with product photography, the readings on the camera need to be very finely tuned, and the Auto setting doesn't quite hack it.

A pro photographer will be able to make all the adjustments manually in order to maximise the shot. Not only this, but the pro will go away and spend time editing the shot with high quality software such as Photoshop to ensure that you have the very best photograph you can get.

If employing a pro photographer means that you get noticed more, resulting in more clicks and more purchases, then the outlay will be worth it's weight in gold, and will have the added bonus of making your business appear much more professional!

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